On Falling into a Vision photo

Image by Gretchen Gales for “On Falling into a Vision”


  • The Lightning Conductor (forthcoming in Story Shack, Dec., 2017, online.)
  • The Second Skein (forthcoming in Black Dandy, premier issue, Oct., 2017, print, with a wrap-around cover based on my story.)
  • Heir and Sea (Indie Soleil Magazine, Aug., 2017, print.)
  • Phaethon (Quail Bell Magazine, May, 2017, online.)
  • The Echo (Black Heart Magazine‘s DISARM: A Gun Sense Anthology, April, 2017, print.)
  • Womb (NILVX: A Book of Magic, Vol. 1, #1, July, 2017, print.)
  • The Thinker (The Dark, March, 2017, online.)
  • On Falling into a Vision (Quail Bell Magazine, Feb., 2017, online.)
  • Unfinished (Noble / Gas Qtrly, 203.4, Dec., 2016, online.)
  • Wrecked Vehicle Found, Person Missing (F.A.L.D., #13, Dec., 2016, online.)
  • Limbus (The Missing Slate‘s Story of the Week, Oct., 2016, online.)
  • Heir and Sea (CultureCult Magazine, Vol. 1, #6, Sept., 2016, print/online.)
  • Phaethon (Indie Soleil Magazine, Sept., 2016, print.)
  • Frowning Angel (Setu, Aug., 2016, online.)
  • Some Mechanism (MUSH/MUM, Aug., 2016, online.)
  • Flora (Crab Fat Magazine, July, 2016, online. Winner of the 2015 Sullivan Award for Fiction and the 2015 Ann Morris Prize for Fiction.)
  • Always on the Shore (The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle, Vol. 91, 2016, print.)


Science Writing

  • Whence Cometh Evil: The Concepts and Mechanics of Evil (forthcoming in Skeptic, Vol. 21, #1, March, 2018)




Personal Essays