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George Salis is the recipient of the Sullivan Award for Fiction, the Ann Morris Prize for Fiction, and the Davidson Award for Integrity in Journalism. His fiction is featured in The DarkBlack Dandy, The Missing SlateCultureCult MagazineNILVX: A Book of MagicQuail Bell MagazineCrab Fat Magazine, and elsewhere. His criticism has appeared in IsacousticAtticus Review, and The Tishman Review, and his science article on the mechanics of natural evil was featured in Skeptic. He is the author of the novel Sea Above, Sun Below. He has taught in Bulgaria, China, and Poland.


“In ‘The Second Skein,’ Salis retells the moment when airplanes collided with the twin towers, but he’s chosen a perspective that I’ve never seen before. Rooted in surrealism, in an impressionist accounting of those planes as well-organised flocks of birds. It’s a terrifying use of beautiful objects in nature to embody the horrific manipulation of engineering to destroy human life. But he roots it all in three distinct characters with outrageous qualities, drawing them so convincingly that the entire experience is a bit like drinking too much. Dizzying. His story is at times hilarious and shocking, a beautifully dense celebration of the senses, history, and obsession. It evokes fond memories of the intoxicating cadence of Pynchon in his prime.” – H. Andrew Lynch, author of A Flower Fell and editor of Black Dandy

“‘The Second Skein’ is incredibly strange…It’s also purposefully herky-jerky, in a life-flashing-before-your-eyes sort of way, where one moment you’re following the reaction of a character to the scene as it unfolds, then next you’re in their childhood, reading about a terrible nail-biting habit…but there’s also a Rube Goldberg machine aficionado who designs overly complex contraptions and a Russian bodybuilder cum immigrant haunted by his rival’s ghost, each with their own important role to play. Salis’s passages provide some of the most vivid and beautiful writing in Black Dandy….” – Derek Thomas Conrad of Out of that World: Science Fiction & Fantasy Reviews

“Salis writes beautifully for such a dark subject. There’s color in his language, but it’s all maintained with a stern sense of control. The theological angle layers in another level of apprehension (due to the practitioners’ fanaticism), and contrasts nicely with the gruesome whole. Speaking of, the details of sickly, rotted, and festering bodies—while disturbing—are expertly illustrated…. Gross! And yet engrossing. The end is a real treat, a total culmination of the foreboding dread that is resurrection.” – Derek Thomas Conrad of Out of that World: Science Fiction & Fantasy Reviews on “The Thinker” (starred review)

“The story looks at what this faith has done to this man’s children, how it has shaped them and warped them. And how, when all is revealed, there are some things that do not transubstantiate. That belief alone is not always enough, especially when that belief is selfishly motivated and ignorantly maintained. It’s an interesting and ponderous story that manages to maintain a mood of rot and faith, and is certainly worth checking out.” – Charles Payseur of Quick Sip Reviews on “The Thinker”

“Salis’s writing is mature, analytical, thorough. What I appreciated the most is the author’s ability to talk about complex topics in a manner that is comprehensible to the wide audience.” – One of the judges of the Davidson Award for Integrity in Journalism